Signato believes in ecommerce automation.

We built Signato tools to keep our third party automations in one place. But we didn't start there.

Signato Inception


The Founders begin brainstorming ideas for a new type of ecommerce - they decide that heavy automation is the key to providing ultra low prices and excellent customer service.

January, 2014
Signato S

Signum - "a mark, sign, emblem"

The Signato brand is coined. The doors to open mid-july; marketing campaigns and automation research begin.

July 2014

Amazon Account Launched

We foray into the world of Amazon and begin listing products as a third-party merchant. It is a wild success and provides extra funds for research and development in the realm of automation.

January 2015

Amazon Automation Begins

Signato begins working with the Amazon Merchant APIs to speed up fulfillment and stay true to our original goal - automation. Research on the Signato repricing algorithm has begun.

March 2015

Setting Goals, Hitting Milestones

Signato gross revenue soars to nearly half of a million dollars for 2015. With 2016 off to a strong start, development on Signato tools begins.

January 2016

Signato Tools Beta Program

After months of hard work, the Signato tools beta program launches. Initial services include repricing and sales analytics.

May 2016

Signato Tools Release

Signato tools grows to include email campaigns, and insights pages. Planning for additional features such as A/B testing and product research begin.

October 2016

The Vision

Signato is pioneering the advancement of automated ecommerce. We want to send products faster, for cheaper, and without human error. This simple vision set forth by The Founders is our main guiding force. By streamlining our processes and utilizing automation, we believe we can infinitely enhance the ecommerce experience.

Beyond 2016, Signato has extremely exciting prospects in the works. We want to release more of our in-house automation tools to the public and give small businesses a chance to thrive. We are also working to grow our product selection and to bolster and enhance our current automated systems. By 2018, we expect to begin developing our first fully automated fulfillment center. Lights out, no humans - this means no mistakes, extremely low prices, and a better ability to focus on our customers.