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67,366 assigned / 100,000 limit. Upgrade to reprice more products.

Template NameActiveSchemaComp_OptsBeatBydollarspercentcompbbelownocompcompatexcludescompete_withcondition


Name & Type

Enter a name and choose a repricing type. On the inventory page, you can apply this name as the repricer template to products you wish to reprice. If you save a name that already exists, that template will be updated. Please note that rules are only as accurate as the MWS Subscriptions API.

Algorithm Notes

  • Algorithm reprices automatically based on cost to win more sales.
  • If no cost is applied, the ASIN will not be repriced.
  • The algorithm will override your minimum price.
  • Though rare, the Algorithm will go to within $1 of your cost of goods if necessary.
  • Select custom if you wish to avoid algorithmic behavior.

Competition Matching

Repricing Options