Your privacy is extremely important to Signato

Last updated on 10/20/2016

Our Policy

We collect various pieces of information about you when you visit our site, and strive to keep it secure. The sections below detail the types of information collected, what we do with that information, and how we keep it protected.

Third Party Amazon Seller Information

Upon registering with Signato Tools, you are asked to provide credentials that allow us to access information from your Amazon seller account, in addition to processing your account automations (repricing, feedback alerts). The data collected is limited to the information available through the Amazon Merchant Web Services API, and is used solely for displaying metrics and information in your account. In order to reprice your products, we may also modify pricing information related to your account. This information is passed securely to Amazon over encrypted networks to prevent snooping and data theft. None of your seller data is ever shared with third parties unrelated to Signato. To further prevent unauthorized access to your information, the MWS credentials used to access your Amazon seller data are stored securely on our webserver inside of databases protected by encryption keys. We take great care in keeping your information private and employ many modern safeguards such as firewalls and encryption.

Payment Information

Subscriptions are securely handled through Braintree, a subsidiary of PayPal. When your payment information is collected, it is entered directly into a secure iframe located on PayPal's servers. We do not store your credit card information in the Signato datacenter, but do store information relating to your subscription, plan id, and payment types. In the event you wish to change or update your payment information, please utilize the secure iframe in the Accounts section. This will allow you to pass updated payment information safely and securely directly to Braintree.

Your Personal Information

Signato gives the opportunity to enter your address and other personally identifying information. This data is used strictly for billing and credit card verification purposes, and is stored securely in Signato's datacenter. Signato also collects an email address at the time of registration. This email address is never shared with third parties outside of Signato. We may send updates and information to your email address regarding services offered by Signato. These emails are opt-in and you may unsubscribe at any time by sending an email to with the subject 'UNSUBSCRIBE'. If unsubscribed, note that you will no longer continue to receive account notices, including those related to items like billing or security issues.

Username and Password

At the time of registration, Signato will require you to create a username and password. Your password should be unique and contain both letters and numbers to prevent brute force attacks. All passwords are hashed and salted in order to prevent unauthorized eyes from viewing passwords in plaintext. This process increases the difficulty of de-crypting passwords through pre-formed password lists of computed hashes.

How Your Information is Shared and Secured

Signato does not share your personal information with third party entities, with the exception of Amazon. Information shared with Amazon is limited to API access keys and product information. Signato employs complex encryption mechanisms and security protocols to keep your data private and safe. Though we make no guarantees about the security of your data, we constantly maintain and upgrade our security systems to prevent unwanted access and leaks. In the event of a breach of data, Signato will notify those affected to the best of its ability as quickly as possible. Using different passwords across sites will also assist in decreasing vulnerability to a multi-pronged attack.